Black Families Voice Support for the SFUSD Math Sequence!

One way families and educators can ensure all schools in our district are (Black) Family Friendly is to ask questions about representation. (E.g. It’s OK to count!), for example:

The answer district wide is a resounding NO!

Black Families in SFUSD Advocate for Positive Changes in SFUSD!

That is why I was so proud last Tuesday, to attend the SFUSD Board of Education meeting as a member of the African American Parent Advisory Council (AAPAC) in which we shared a letter we supporting the district’s new math course sequence.

This was our first “official” presentation to the Board in which we shared our Mission and focus and a few recommendations to the district, including regular opportunities to speak at Board meetings, expanding AAPACs at more school sites, and extending the focus of the African-American Achievement and Leadership Initiatives (AAALI) beyond in elementary and middle school level (recent actions have focused on college and career access at the high school level.)”

(Read more at Rachel Norton’s blog here.)

You can view the presentation by clicking the arrows to advance slides below:

AAPAC SFUSD BOE Presentation 10.27.15 created by SFUSD, uploaded by Ali M. Collins

After AAPAC parents presented, Superintendent Carranza spoke. He said, he is not interested in “improving” an inequitable education system, he is interested in changing it.

Black parents wrote the letter in support of the district’s recent actions because we applaud Superintendent Carranza and the District Math team for having the courage to “disrupt” the status quo, which for so long has held a grip on our city’s education system and held many of our children back. (Click this link for more information about the new SFUSD Math Course Sequence.)

We are NOT interested in “going back” to outdated and inequitable education programs that HOLD OUR KIDS BACK.

I know “change is hard” and there is still a lot of work ahead. I and other families across the district must follow up on the Superintendent’s call to hold him and other district educators accountable for this challenging yet meaningful work.

Nonetheless… we applaud him and his team for going beyond lip-service to taking action to implement a visionary, research-based, teacher-driven, student-centered approach to math instruction–one which places ALL students at the center of high quality instruction.

For more info:

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