Visual and Performing Arts

Our budget for the arts? We can do better.

Last year in 2018, 153 students took part as artists in the Arts Festival. We have 54,000 students in SFUSD. That means the percentage of student artists who took part in last year’s Art Festival was only .02%! With numbers like these, many folks are wondering: Is the money we spend on events like the SFUSD Arts Festival really worth it if they reach so few students?

Life-long Learning

Welcome to San Francisco Public School Mom

This is a blog for parents and educators to share information, about how to support our children in SF Public Schools. As an involved parent, I am interested in moving “beyond the bake sale”, to support our academic success for all children. By becoming informed and asking questions we can create public schools of the highest quality — I encourage you to join in on the conversation! [Click the heading to learn more.]

K-12 Enrollment K-readiness

Don’t Freak Out! Your Kindergartener Will Get into a GREAT Public School!

SFUSD Enrollment season is upon us! This Friday, letters go out to students and families letting them know which schools they can enroll in in this fall. Now that my girls are in the 3rd grade, it is easy to forget the anxiety and worry that many parents are currently feeling. They say: “Hindsight is 20-20.” With that in mind, I thought I’d take a moment to provide some perspective for parents who may be nervous right now.

Family Engagement Printables

Questions Every Parent Should Ask

Many school staff assume families know how to navigate schools. Unfortunately, traditionally marginalized families, such as Black, Latino, low-income and immigrant families, often lack the basic information they need to support the success of their children. Schools that want to support the success of ALL children can answer the following questions for families.

Educators Learning at Home Life-long Learning

An Open Letter to Middle School Teachers: Transitions are BIG for Parents Too. 

I recently became the proud mother of two middle school students. We all know the transition from elementary to middle school is a big one for kids. I’m realizing this transition is a big one for families too. With that in mind, I’m taking time to write down my experience in the hope that it will help other educators and parents can better partner with one another to ensure our kids success as they embark of the fun, stressful, exciting and crazy ride that is the middle school experience.

K-12 Enrollment

Why Private Schools are “Easy” ?!?

“School choice” is all the rage. Thus, modern parents are faced with a harrowing set of decisions about which schools will best serve their children. This is especially true in cities where, we are told, “bad public schools” lurk around every corner, and “good public schools” are in short supply. With so few spots to go around, parents who choose to apply “most requested” schools may worry their child will find themselves without a school in the fall.