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Monday Inspiration: Teens Make a Difference

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So many times folks say “teens today” are lazy, argumentative, have a “bad attitude” are selfish. I disagree.

There is so much untapped potential adults often overlook. Teens are waiting to make a difference. When we show them we value their contributions and we believe in their ability to make change, it is often mind-blowing what they can do.

Here are three stories that made my day recently. Hopefully, they will inspire you to get involved, either with your teen, or with organizations that work with teens to help them get engaged.

Stories of Teens Making a Difference

Teens Make a Difference: Kentucky Teens Fight Boredom, “Stay Out of Trouble” and Serve Their Community

A Kentucky mom gave her child a punishment of mowing neighbors lawns. Learn about how it “backfired” and inspired these boys to “stay out of trouble” and help out their community in the process.

Watch their video below. You can also find them on their Facebook page called, “It Takes a Village, Together We Stand Strong.” and support their GoFundMe page.

Teens Make a Difference: Natalie Braye, Sophia Byrd, Eva Lewis, and Maxine Wint – Organizing Protests Against Police Brutality

Natalie Braye, 17, Sophia Byrd, 17, Eva Lewis, 17, and Maxine Wint, 16, brought together roughly 200 teens and adults of all races ages and backgrounds for a silent protest against the recent shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile  by police. Read about it.

Read their statement in this tweet.


Teens Make a Difference: DeAngelo Hughes – Creating a Safe Space for Youth Suffering Grief and Loss

DeAngelo Hughes, is an 18 year old who is looking to make a difference. After losing his mom at 13, DeAngelo wanted to create a space for young people who have also experienced loss to find support. He is currently raising money to establish a non-profit to further his goals.

Learn a little about his story in the video below. Go to his GoFundMe site to contribute to his dream of creating a non-profit.


These teens are a great reminder of what young people can do if given the opportunity to contribute. What do you think? Share you thoughts in the comments below.

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