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(Belated) Monday Inspiration: #BlackAtBSU — These Black Girls Rock!

I had wanted to post this yesterday, but when I saw that Rachel Norton had posted the video (thanks Rachel!) from last week’s SFUSD Board of Education (February, 23, 2016) featuring a segment in which Lowell BSU leaders spoke to the board, I had to wait and write this post sharing their demands and ways we we can support their efforts.

So consider this a Belated Monday Tuesday Inspiration video…

These Black Girls Rock!: Young people are leading the way!

I am so inspired by our young people–they are truly leading the way! It is not surprising that as Lowell BSU students are fighting for the right to be heard, valued and supported in our school they have sisters on the other side of the country who are doing the same.

Boston Latin School is Lowell’s counterpart on the east coast. It is the first public high school in the nation. (Lowell is the first public high school west of the Mississippi!) It is also an “exam school” meaning kids have to do well on an exam to get in.

Just like at Lowell, Black students are underrepresented at Boston Latin School and face daily micro-(and MACRO) aggressions from their teachers and peers. Recently, two amazing students launched a successful campaign with the hashtag #BlackAtBLS and using social media, their story has gained widespread visibility and is having big impacts.

These black girls SERIOUSLY rock! #BlackGirlMagic #BlackExcellence I really think these ladies need to connect with the amazing ladies at Lowell! Don’t you? Just imagine the change THAT could bring to our schools!

These Black Girls Rock!: #BlackAtBLS

Here are two of the YouTube videos they shared in support of their campaign to make BLS a safe and equitable school! One is the kick-off to their campaign and the other is an update where they share their success.

These Black Girls Rock!: BlackAtBLS

These Black Girls Rock!: BlackAtBLS2


Isn’t this inspiring? What can we do to support more student voice in our schools? Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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