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Summer Bucket List: 100+ Family Activities (List #2)

As I mentioned in my previous post… I LOVE A GOOD LIST! I am a big believer in writing things down. Once you do… the Universe will consipire to make it happen. Our summer is almost halfway done, and this has turned out to be one of the best ways to jam pack loads of fun into our days together. It’s already been an amazing summer and I am looking forward to even more fun!

Below is the continuation of our list of family activities. Please check my blog regularly to see all 100+ ideas. As I mentioned where I have found interesting or relatted links, I have (and will) post them. We are on vacation, so it may not happen right away, but eventually, I hope to create a downloadable, editable checklist as well. (So, stay tuned!)

100+ Summer Family Activities (List #2)

  1. Plant a seed and watch it grow. – Here’s are some cool videos to watch here, here and here watch as you wait…
  2. Have a picnic in the park. – Here are 50 fun kids picnic ideas via Holly Homer’s Kids Activity Blog.
  3. Hold a neighborhood “car wash” for tots to clean tricycles and ride-on toys. (Via the wonderful blog: Design Mom)
  4. Play a team sport (volleyball, basketball, softball, flag football, etc.)
  5. Visit a tide-pool (or read this blog post from Buggy and Buddy to learn how to make one at home!)
  6. Go berry-picking, and then make a berry pie or desert.
  7. Paint a modern color study in circles with watercolor. (I found this via Mari’s great DIY and design blog Small for Big.)
  8. Sleep in sleeping bags.
  9. Send a postcard to a faraway friend. – We will send real ones in the mail. But if you’re feeling crafy, you can also make your own e-postcards (like the one featured at the top of this post) using the Martha Stewart CraftStudio app!
  10. Go bird watching.
  11. Go on a city hike. – If you are in SF, you can check out my post on other fun SF activities including stairway hikes you may want to try.
  12. Play croquet.
  13. Raise money for a good cause. – If you kids like animals you can help them create a Panda Nation web page to raise money to support The World Wildlife Foundation’s efforts to protect endangered animals around the world. Read about an inspiring girl named McKenzie Plante who created a business with an interest in helping whales and supporting the environment.
  14. Ride on a train.
  15. Read a classic novel together. – Here are some of our favorites.
  16. Go hunting for the perfect summer peach, watermelon, cherry, or plum!
  17. Pretend to be a tourist in your own town. (We’ll ride the cable car, hike to Coit Tower, and visit Alcatraz.)
  18. Have a dance party.
  19. Give your pet a massage. – I know, I know… This sounds silly. But it you ever see your child giving your cat or dog a massage, it’s priceless. We learned how to give our cat Ayla a “Meow-ve-lous Massage” from this book.
  20. Do an underwater handstand.

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What family activities will you try this summer? What’s on your list?

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