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Preview SFUSD’s plans for students and families this fall 2020

Commissioners and staff have been listening to with families, and students and educators with educators to create an improved learning experience for students this fall and more support and communication with families. Below are several places you can find information about our upcoming meeting.

Joint Select Committee – July 24, 2020

Last Friday I attended a Joint Select Committee Meeting with city officials on the Board of Supervisors and SF City College. We were joined by staff from the Department of Public Health (DPH) and the Department of Children Youth and Families (DCYF).

We all have so many questions about health safety, and education and the fall. I’m sharing this video from last Friday’s SF Joint Select Committee where San Francisco Unified School District Board of Education Commissioners, City College Trustees, and City Supervisors.

Topics discussed in the SFUSD portion of the meeting include: 

  • Health and safety challenges in opening schools related to cleaning transportation and staffing, 
  • Information on how SFUSD has gathered input to inform improvements in distance learning this fall along with changes to state requirements, and
  • Creative ideas about how we might leverage outdoor space in our schools and possibly adjacent parks. 

With so much to discuss, it was a long meeting worth watching with three other presentations on the agenda. Areas of interest for SFUSD parents covered later in the meeting include:

  • City College and questions regarding the potential of exploring the expansion of concurrent enrollment, 
  • Commissioner questions of the SF Department of Public Health, and
  • Presentation of the City’s proposed “Learning Labs” by DCYF. 

SFUSD presentation starts at 13:00 minutes.

Watch it above on the SF Gov TV video page.

Commissioner Lopez and Collins Op-Ed on Fall Learning and Family Support

Moving forward together during distance learning

“Given these scary, uncertain times, families are looking to our schools to create spaces for community and collective support. As educators and commissioners, we recognize the reasonable anxiety parents feel regarding distance learning. We deeply understand parents’ concerns. And, it is increasingly obvious the need for transparent, reliable structures for our families. We appreciate the space needed for our community — teachers, parents, principals, and administrators, all of us — to contribute input and best prepare our students and families for student learning this fall. We have learned a lot from our unanticipated experience during the Spring, as have schools across the country.”

Read more about what we are working on this Medium Op-Ed.

SFUSD Regular Board Meeting – July 28, 2020

Last Friday SFUSD Staff posted a presentation that will be discussed in our upcoming regular board meeting on Tuesday, July 28th @ 3pm via phone and Zoom

Read about the planning process and recommendations for fall learning in SFUSD’s Fall Planning 2020 Report.

Click the image above to view the report,

See details for how to view the meeting and provide public comment on the SFUSD website.

What questions do you have about fall learning? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll try to ensure they are addressed during the meeting?

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