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Tula Jeng: #WhyIMarch

My girls and I are gearing up to make signs and protest for our first time as a family. With that in mind, I think it’s important to 1) make a cool sign and 2) be clear about my reasons for marching.

My friend Tula has done set the bar high in both categories. (You can follow her on Instagram here.) As far as sign making goes, this will be my first time doing it with my girls. If I learn anything good in the process, I’ll be sure to share in a subsequent post.

As for the “why” we march part, I’ll be talking about our reasons with my girls when we make signs tomorrow. I will start by sharing her post and then I’ll ask them to help me create our own family list. (Follow my IG story on Instagram to see updates!) With Tula’s permission, I’m reblogging her Instagram post below.

Tula Jeng: Why I March


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I march because my mama taught me how. I march to honor the civil rights activists who came before us — spoke truth to power, risked their lives, and exposed injustice.
I march because all women deserve the right to choice, access, and reproductive freedom.
I march because as a survivor of sexual assault, I know how dangerous silence can be.
I march because not all Asian women are submissive. We are not your sidekick and we are not your Halloween costume.
I march because the Asian-American “model minority” myth ignores our struggles and upholds structural racism against virtually all communities of color — especially African-Americans.
I march because I refuse to normalize a Twitter President who mocks the disabled and peddles Islamophobia, misogyny, racism, climate change denial, homophobia, and white supremacist propaganda.
I march because Black Lives Matter.
I march because Love is Love.
I march because together, we rise.
This is #WhyIMarch ???

Why I March: Now It’s Our Turn!

How will you be exercising your right to assembly and free speech? How will you be speaking up for racial and social justice? I’m sharing the following inspiration and tips I learned about via Robin Dutton-Cookston of Parents for Public Schools – SF (PPS-SF)  (Thanks for sharing these great resources Robin!)

Why I March: Get inspired!

Want some inspiration for making signs? Get inspired by these images (see one above) from The Amplifier Foundation. You can also download a sign for free! Micah Bezant also has some beautiful posters as well.

Why I March: Stay Safe

This article, What to Wear to a Protest March, offers information on the Women’s March in Washington DC march. Nonetheless, San Francisco marchers may also find some helpful information as well.

Why will you march? Please share in the comments below.


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