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Why I *HEART* Valentines

Why I heart Valentines Day: How does it happen? Valentine’s Day always sneaks up on me! Now that I’ve finally gotten my head in the game, I felt a post was necessary.

I am, like many of you, sick of the commercialization of this holiday… (seriously, how many sappy, stupid, ugly diamond advertisements do I have to watch around this time of year? And do they think women are so stupid that getting me a diamond is gonna make me happy? How about making dinner and doing the dishes… now that’s when I’m feeling romantic!… but I digress.)

After reading a great post on the subject by another blogger (on his Daddy Doin’ Work blog), I realized my attitudes about Valentine’s Day have really changed over the years… and it’s not just because I’m married. 🙂

How do we women get suckered into thinking we are alone when we do not have a significant other in our life buying us roses? 


Once you have kids in school, you are reminded of what I think Valentines Day should really be about… LOVE. But not the stereotypical BS romance that gets peddled to us in Hallmark movies or Kay commercials, but real true love that you feel for the people in your life.

When you are a kid, Valentines is about getting cards (and candy!) from everyone in your class. Some are store-bought, some are homemade, but nonetheless, ALL of them come from classmates who took the time to write your name on a silly or special card and show they care. Even though “everybody gets them from everybody”, my girls still have a box of Valentines they got when they were in preschool. Now that’s the kind of sappy that brings a tear to my eye!

“To: daddy I (love) you! a 🙂 lot!
Happy Valentines Day”

We actually (usually) make cards at our house. It is a real production effort, and I promise you, I will probably be bitching about it this evening when I’m covered in glitter and cussing at the heart punch (oh yes! I have one!) for eating yet another heart.

That said, when you celebrate Valentines day with your kids, a big heart and open mind, you come to see how much love is in your life… whether it be the love of a spouse or partner, the love of your children, the love of your children’s teachers (they don’t actually get paid enough to care as much as they do for our kids!), the love of your friends… it goes on and on.

Why I Heart Valentines Day: The Best Valentines EVER!!!

Last year, I did something inspired and took a chance. I mailed a box of chocolate covered strawberries to my Great Aunt Gin (who was 100 years old at the time.) I really love her, and only get to see her every 5-10 years or so because she lives in Missouri. Nonetheless, she is my favorite auntie, a bundle of love (and sass!), and if anyone deserves a Valentine, it’s her!

I got a call a few days later from her saying how much she appreciated it. It made me real happy to know she was happy. But even before I got the call, I felt amazing about showing her how grateful I am to have her in my life and to have her LOVE!

So, if you are a mom like me, that will be covered in glitter and glue this evening, I just wanted to remind you of what an amazing thing you are doing for your kids! (Call me sexist, but I just can’t imagine any cool dad’s I know covered in glitter.) You are showing your kids that its important to celebrate FRIENDSHIP and the LOVE of ALL SHAPES AND SIZES. It’s important to show people in our lives WE CARE!

Now, get out there and shower someone you care about with love!

If there is someone in your life you love, that deserves a Valentines Day surprise, today you have an excuse to make it happen! Go on out there and make someone’s day!

Why I Heart Valentines: Here are some ideas to get you started:

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