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OK white and Asian allies, now is your moment to shine!

When you see this much white rage, and white fragility, and union-bashing you know what this is about.

We cannot become an anti-racist education system if we can’t name racism in our system.

We cannot support teachers and other educators if we constantly blame labor unions who are their representative voice.

We cannot make our public education system better as a whole by only advocating for one school or one group of kids.

Being pro-Black does not equal being anti-Asian. Being pro Arab and/or Muslim does not mean being anti-Jew and/or Jewish.

We cannot nurture strong, confident, future leaders by shouting down, trolling and targeting student leaders in Board meetings and online social media platforms.

Being a “model-minority” is not something to covet or celebrate. Talking about a racial divide isn’t being “divisive”.

It is not Native American folks’ jobs to decolonize our education system. It is not Black and Brown folks’ job to eradicate racism.

A children’s worth should not be defined by grades or test scores. Neither should their “merit” determine their right to receive an excellent education.

When you “demand” schools open without resources, or yell at teacher’s unions, Black and Latinx elected leaders (including students!) or blame “equity” you are mirroring Trump/DeVos talking points. You are reinforcing narratives that maintain structural oppression and undermine public education.

We must, all of us, call out these tactics that pit us against each other. We must, all of us tear down racist, classist, homophobic, and ableist structures in our schools. If you agree with me, please share this post and make a commitment to add your voice to conversations going on about public education in our city. I know these conversations are uncomfortable. They are uncomfortable because they disrupt inequitable systems of power and control.

Just think about Trump and his enablers. Yelling, screaming, scapegoating and crying, are all tactics used to silence those who want to push for justice and positive change.

This is not a time to be silent. We need your voice. Children and families need you.

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