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Why You Should Vote TODAY!!!

If you haven’t already voted today, THIS IS YOUR REMINDER!

Vote Today: Find your polling place HERE!

For those of you who need an extra nudge, here’s a great clip by John Oliver that aired this past weekend explaining why it’s important:

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: State Legislatures and ALEC (HBO)


Need some good last minute recommendations? Here are my go-to endorsements:

My Picks for the Board of Education?

There are three spots open on the Board of Education this time around. BOTH of the following candidates are endorsed by the United Educators of SF (UESF) as well as Coleman Advocates, a great Community Based Organization supporting high quality education for all students. I have personally met and spoken with these men and feel they would be great supporters of students and families. Learn more here:

  • Stevon Cook – Graduate of Thurgood Marshall HS, worked in schools and has specific experience in the Bay View as a former student.
  • Shamann Walton – Currently serving on the Board of Parents for Public Schools. A quick look at his endorsements and you’ll see he’s endorsed by almost anyone who’s anyone.

Other great choices are:

  • Mark Murphy – Endorsed by Rachel Norton (who I greatly respect as a pro-parent commissioner.)
  • Emily Murase – Endorsed by the Democratic Party and Rachel Norton as well.

Now, get out and VOTE TODAY!!!

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