#BlackTwitter for Educators and Activists

Do you support social justice?Are you an educator? Are you on Twitter yet? If not, with school out, there is no better time than the present to set up a Twitter account and “curate” a great list of educators and activists over the summer!

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to an article on EdWeek explaining how educators of color are using the hashtag #educolor to share ideas to create more equitable schools. It’s true, professors, journalists and educators committed to social justice are using social media to share resources and connect with others. Twitter is a great place to have conversations about race and education, ask questions and get exposure to ideas you didn’t know existed. 🙂

Twitter might seem overwhelming to the unitiated. Nonetheless, I have found it to be a highly valuable resource. My only major advice on this is you just kind of have to get used to having your brain explode… Just accepting that you can never know all that is going on is a bit of a mind-bender, but definitely worth it. Twitter  has allowed me to connect with other educators raising similar questions. I may feel “alone” in all white groups when I confront delicate issues on race. But now, because of Twitter, I’m more likely to do it because I feel emboldened by others involved in the struggle.

Twitter for Educators and Activists: Twitter 101

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the hashtags and @ symbols, here is a basic tutorial put together by an educator named David Truss I follow. Here is an “Anatomy of a Tweet” from his blog to get you started :

So… no excuses! GET ON TWITTER and find out for yourself! Your experience will be a result of who you “curate” or follow. Here are some great “Tweeps” to get you started! (In no particular order.)

Twitter for Educators and Activists: You just gotta LOVE #BlackTwitter… these educators and activists keep it real!

Want to hear what folks are saying related to the #BlackLivesMatter movement? Here is a list of great folks to follow with some of my favorite tweets!:

Jose Vilson @TheJLV

The teacher Gotham deserves. Author of This Is . Keeper of the vision. Race, class, education, and my conscience.

Melinda D. Anderson @mdawriter

Mom • Writer • Thoughts on race, culture, equity in education • Intersectional always • squad • • Unabashedly and fervently Black

Rafranz Davis @RafranzDavis

(She also belongs in the list below!) Executive Director of Professional and Digital Learning, Math & Tech Geek! Author, Speaker, Google Certified Innovator, Disruptor of Ridiculousness


HystericalBlackness @hystericalblkns

Christina Sharpe. Professor. Monstrous Intimacies. In the Wake.

Deray Mckesson @deray

I will never betray my heart. Curator, connector. TFA. Educator. Bowdoin alum. Protestor. snapchat: derayderay IG: iamderay

Melissa Harris-Perry @MHarrisPerry

Wake Forest University Professor, Director , Executive Director, MSNBC Host of, contributor to &

Blavity @Blavity

A startup with a little sophista and a little ratchet for millennials. Content + tech + culture.

Son of Baldwin @SonofBaldwin

The literary, socio-political, sexual, pop culture blog. Live from Bedford-Stuyvesant. Disturbing the peace in order to find it.


For Harriet @ForHarriet

A community dedicated to celebrating the fullness of Black womanhood.

Trudy @thetrudz

Writer & social critic at . Photographer & writer at . Womanist. Bibliophile. Electric Lady. ***Flawless. INTJ.


P Mimi Poinsett MD @yayayarndiva

Snarky crone, mama pediatrician of da boi and partner of Mah Sweetie aka el jibaro, subtweeter and asker of impertinent questions

The Dream Defenders @Dreamdefenders

An uprising of communities in struggle, shifting culture through transformational organizing. Florida ·


ShordeeDooWhop @Nettaaaaaaaa

I am the stone that the builder refused…the promise of what’s to come. And I’mma remain a soldier till the war is won.


Jamilah Lemieux @JamilahLemieux

(writer/editor/receipt holder.) it’s cool if you dont want to, but you’s a fool if you don’t want to.

Who do you follow on Twitter? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

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