Little Ones

Treasure Them When They are Young

Parenting can be so hard at times. We are exhausted because our task list never ends. We are frustrated because no matter how many times we tell our children to stop “horsing around” they do, and inevitably get hurt. We wonder when we will ever truly sleep…. have an adult conversation (without little ears listening)… when we will be able to go to the bathroom without interruption.

At these times, I remind myself to be patient. I remember the students that I taught in high school now have children of their own. There will be a time when my babies go away. They will no longer need me to brush their hair, tuck them in at night, kiss their boo-boo’s away. When they are gone, I will wish for these small moments.

Watching these videos brought tears to my eyes. They remind us… Life happens so fast. We must treasure our time with our little ones while they are little.

In these two time-lapse videos, Frans Hofmeester shows his daughter, Lotte and son, Vince change from babies to teen and pre-teen before your eyes. He filmed each of them respectively every week, from birth up until 14  and 10 years old. Hofmeester states: “I noticed a subtle change in the way she (Lotte) looked,” he recalls. “She wasn’t the same as the week before that. I thought, I have to capture this image otherwise I will forget what she looked like.”

Watch the videos below, then let me know what you think…

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