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More on SurvivalCraft… Reporting Inappropriate Content

Recently I wrote about an unpleasant experience my daughter had while playing SurvivalCraft. As I mentioned, my daughter unwittingly downloaded a world from SurvivalCraft that was created by another player. Most worlds are fine… this one however was way inappropriate. As you can see from the image I’ve posted below (which I have blurred slightly) someone had built a world out of blocks dedicated to sex. What is even more disturbing than the ugly naked sculptures is the writing on the signs and walls. Ugh!

Survivalcraft Reporting Inappropriate Content
My daughter downloaded this inappropriate “community content” in the SurvivalCraft game she plays on her iPad.

Both my daughter and I would have liked to unsee the images and words contained in this world, called “Mate With Me”. Unfortunately, what’s done is done. The only positive from this experience, has been the conversations and learning we’ve embarked on as a family about Internet safety.

Even so, I know I will not be able to protect my girls from every danger out there. As they grow from “big girls” to tweens, I’m sure we will have many uncomfortable conversations about the the big wide world that I am preparing them to enter. That said, there are certain conversations, we shouldn’t have to have with our kids at too early of an age.

As I’ve spoken about my experience with other parents I am constantly reminded that we may always feel like we are trying desperately to catch up the the technology our kids readily embrace. We may feel like our plight is hopeless. Nonetheless, we need to stay involved. It is important that we keep asking questions (even when we feel stupid) and that we keep sharing what we learn with each other. We are all in this together.

Survivalcraft Reporting Inappropriate Content

With that in mind, I’ve taken a few screen shots to show you how to report inappropriate content in SurvivalCraft.

Survivalcraft Reporting Inappropriate Content: How SurvivalCraft Defines “Community Content”

Survivalcraft Reporting Inappropriate Content
This is how SurvivalCraft defines “Community Content”.

Survivalcraft Reporting Inappropriate Content: Flag Inappropriate Content by Clicking “Rate”

Survivalcraft Reporting Inappropriate Content
Players can rate Community Content in SurvivalCraft.

Survivalcraft Reporting Inappropriate Content: Click the Check Boxes in Various Categories and Click Report

Survivalcraft Reporting Inappropriate Content
Sex and Nudity are just one category that you can flag.

(Note: Survivalcraft works hard to “weed out the rubbish” and keep it’s content decent. If you would like to know more about how to report inappropriate content, click here.)

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What online safety tips do you have to share with other parents? What unexpected surprises have you had as you and your child wade into the World Wide Web? This post was made on Sep 26, 2014. 

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2 thoughts on “More on SurvivalCraft… Reporting Inappropriate Content

  1. Thank you for writing this. I’m sad to report that my young daughter downloaded a similar world which was disgustingly devoted to sex slavery as well as minor activity. I too would like to erase all images from her mind and mine. I guess I was naive to think that a child’s game would be left alone by the horrible predators of the world. My heart is broken for my child 🙁 We need to speak out so that other parents know the danger in that game that exist. I am deleting that game all together.

    1. Yes! At a very minimum it has started important conversations in our house about technology, and raised my awareness that I need to be actively involved in what they are doing on their iPads.

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