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Summer Bucket List: 100+ Family Activities (List #3)

Its halfway through summer vacation. How are you all enjoying your summer? Are you doing everything you set out to do? I have to say… Me and my family are having a blast! We are in no way near completing or list of 100+ things. Nonetheless, it has really been fun feeling like we have embarked on a family challenge together.

Here’s the next installment of our 100+ list. If you have been following along with this series, please post a comment below and tell me what new family activities you are excited about trying this summer! Click here to check out all the lists.

100+ Things to Do This Summer (List #3)

  1. Make a photo album for an elder relative. – One of the best things I ever did was make a photo book for my Great Aunt Helen who lived to 100. She was too old to be interested in Facebook. Relatives told me LOVED carrying the book we sent around, (even to the hairdresser!) We loaded pictures into a Shutterfly account and used their online software to make and send it.
  2. Go on a night hike.
  3. Skype someone in a far away land.
  4. Host a Very Merry Un-Birthday Party for friends. (Pretend it’s everyone’s birthday. Sing everyone ‘Happy Un-Birthday to You.”, eat cupcakes with candles, etc.)
  5. Take a cable car, trolley or subway somewhere.
  6. Make tie-die T-shirts or scarves. – I just learned that you can do this with sharpies! (via the HelloGiggles blog)
  7. Make glitter slime. – You are never to old to make glitter slime by the way…
  8. Learn a new dance move. – Better yet, have each family member create one of their own!
  9. Build a fairy home or bug house. – Check out this Wiki to see some detailed instructions on how to build the coolest fairy hut! Or check out this Pinterest board to get some inspiration. 
  10. Do a silhouette portrait. This photograph  is a great inspiration. Better yet, paint one using this easy tutorial.
  11. Try a new healthy cookie/bar/dessert recipe. – I’ve posted our favorite below. We are working on a “Healthy Family Cookbook.” (Stay tuned for more recipes.)
  12. Walk on a suspension bridge, or explore a tunnel. – In the Bay Area you can try this!
  13. Make a stop-motion animation video. (We used iMotion and iMovie) – Check out this cool tutorial on how to do stop-motion animation with paper!
  14. Go on a history field trip. – Learn about something in your town or on your travels that relates to the history taught (or NOT taught) in history books!
  15. Sleep under the stars.
  16. Have a family karaoke competition.
  17. Hold an Outdoor Movie Night (Thank for this suggestion – Fred!)- If you have a projector, project a movie onto a blank wall or sheet to take Family Movie Night outside! Also check out these family movie night tips from Common Sense Media
  18. Fly a kite.
  19. Go on a picture walk – Take a walk around the neighborhood and really observe your surroundings. Take pictures as you go!
  20. Visit a roadside farm stand.

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What family activities you want to try this summer? What’s on your list?


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