#Stormageddon2014: How are San Franciscans Weathering this #BayAreaStorm?

OK… I just want to say thank you to all those out there who knew me and supported this blog… I am hunkering down and trying to weather the storm. Hopefully… we’ll… make… it…

All kidding aside, this morning we woke up to rain and soon thereafter, the power went out. The girls are out of school (closed) and me and my husband snug in our PJs embarked on an indoor family adventure! My husband was able to eek out a cup of coffee before the power went down and we had fun making pancakes by flashlight.

What did I do when the power went out? I immediately hit Twitter to see what other locations were affected. Then, I looked at my iPhone battery. We have food, blankets and enough candles to get through the next few days if necessary … but with power gone… I fear this may be the end *cue violins*

If you live outside the Bay Area and are keeping an eye on the storm… Here are some Tweets to give you an inside perspective on how San Franciscans are weathering #Stormageddon!!!

I admit it, I actually dreamed this happened

Going online to see who’s affected…

Hearing reports that transit all over is impacted:cable cars out, ferry service temporarily stopped… Still need to get to work? Try this…

I just got a call from my mother-in-law in Massachutesets … the media does like to exaggerate a bit

How are San Franciscans handling all this?



Oh no! Just checked… gluten free waffle supply … getting low…

How will I get my craft-beer-batter-tembura-fried-sushi-burrito?

And on top of all this! Folks from other parts of the country are making fun of us!


How are you weathering the storm?

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