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Is Siri Showing Your Kids Inappropriate Content? Setting iPhone & iPad Restrictions

Do you have an iPhone? Try this… Go into a room (where your children aren’t listening) and ask Siri to show you “pictures of (insert inappropriate content.)” Go ahead… Don’t be shy. Get creative! What do you see?

If, like me, you had never thought about using Siri in this fashion, you may be very surprised by what is presently staring back at you…

My recent obsession with on online safety has led me to talk to many parents, many of whom are involved, intelligent and tech savvy. Even so, I hear over and over again, that they “didn’t even think” to set up, monitor, or outright limit our kids access to some of the crazy content out there on the Internet.

I have to say, I mistakenly thought my girls were safe, because when we first set up their iPads we took steps to limit their access to YouTube and Safari. “We’re good!” I thought….

Not quite. : /

As my kids have gotten older, their taste in games has matured, and their interest in participating in the world around them has increased. I recently realized they were being exposed to way more than I had previously been aware.

It is Never Too Early or Too Late to Take Steps to Protect your Child’s Online Safety

Accept that you will always be behind, but make the effort anyway. Setting up restrictions is not that hard and can save you (and your child) from some icky and in some cased dangerous situations. I have to admit, I avoided this because it seemed like it would be too “technical” Not only is this fairly straightforward, I’ve made it even easier by posting a step-by-step guide with screenshots below. Going through the process will not only bring up some good questions for your family to set up “Do’s and Don’ts” of technology in your home, it might also inspire you to craft your own Family Technology Contract

I recommend doing this on your child’s iPad and/or the iPhone (yes your iPhone) that you hand off to your child to play with (so you can have just a few minutes of uninterrupted adult conversation.) And, if you use an Android, click here.)

Setting iPhone or iPad Siri Restrictions  for your Child

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Tell me, what questions do you have about online safety for your kids? How are you limiting and/or monitoring their technology use to protect their safety? 

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2 thoughts on “Is Siri Showing Your Kids Inappropriate Content? Setting iPhone & iPad Restrictions

  1. Thank you for your post. i had been looking for how to turn of siri. i didnt even know there were worse things they could even access. Siri is totally turned off for us now, so is safari. thank you

  2. Thanks for this! My 3 year old was misunderstood by Siri and showed him pictures of “hot” women. This was sooooo helpful! Thanks a bunch!

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