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Summer Fun: Get out and swim SF!

OK… Let’s be frank… Until today (and maybe one or two days last month) it has not even felt remotely like summer. YES! It feels like summer in SF… but seriously our summer weather is enough to bring anyone down.

Nonetheless, my girls still want to swim and have fun. I just wanted to remind everyone that heavy mist/fog or shine SF Recreation and Parks Department has some really great sf swimming pools that provide opportunities for kids to have water fun all year long.

Check out these great SF Swimming Pools via SFRPD!

There are so many great pools in SF for kids to swim their hearts out this summer!

We LOVE the North Beach Pool, but there are several others throughout the city. Check this link for more info. Click on the swimming pool you’d like to visit, and then click the printable schedule (in Pdf format) to look up “Recreation” slots on the schedule to see when lanes are open for kids to “free swim”.

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