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One Mom’s Thoughts on the Current SFUSD Budget Debate…

Over the past few weeks there has been quite a bit of conversation on the topic of SFUSD and UESF’s budget negotiations. With the prospect of a teacher strike looming on the horizon, it is increasingly important for us all to talk about our priorities in funding education, especially from a parent perspective. 

Current SFUSD Budget Debate:

We are true advocates for our children and as such, we cannot remain silent as the district and union fight over the crumbs in next year’s budget.
Parents have a strong influence on public opinion. It is important for us to weigh in on the conversation—this is not just a “labor issue.” The ultimate outcome of this situation will have major impacts for everyone concerned:

It is the teacher’s union’s charge to advocate for teachers rights as workers.

It is the district’s job to ensure SFUSD submit a balanced budget to the state, so it remains fiscally solvent (and doesn’t get taken over by the state.)

It is OUR RESPONSIBILITY AS PARENTS to advocate for what is best for our children and our families.

Even if we do not have all the information, it is important for parents to start sharing ideas in the hope that we can develop an organized message for SFUSD leadership, UESF members, and most importantly Board of Education Commissioners.
Over the next few weeks/months, I’ll be posting my thoughts in order to encourage conversation among families about how to best advocate for all our kids. In some cases, my opinions may be wrong, so please comment or email me to point out new ideas, ask questions, and share new perspectives.
Whatever your ideas on this issue, please get involved in talking about this online and in person, with other families, educators, and with elected officials. Our children cannot afford for us to stay out of this important conversation.
Alison Collins
One mom’s thoughts on the current SFUSD budget debate:
9 Furlough Days Over Each of the Next Two Years (For a total of 18 non-school days) – Parents should say NO!
Parents I speak with say that Furlough Days create financial hardship. One parent mentioned that the current SFUSD calendar was already taxing her because it exceeds her annually allotted vacation days. Another friend brings her child to work because she cannot afford a babysitter. (Are we moving forward into the 21sr Century or back in time to the days of child-labor?)
Enough is enough! Adding more furlough days may help the budget, but it won’t help our kids learn, it hurts our teacher’s pocket book and most important – it hurts working families!
I for one am NOT OK with any budget “solution” that results in passing the buck on to teachers and families.
Permanent elimination of 27 school days from the Early Education school calendar – Say NO!
This is NOT an acceptable option for working and poor families for the same reasons mentioned above. Working families rely on childcare both in afterschool programs and during the day at district preschools. Cuts to these programs will disproportionately impact poor working families because they cannot afford to pay for childcare.
Any cut that hurts kids AND families is unacceptable!
What are your thoughts on the Current SFUSD Budget Debate? Post a comment below. SFPSMOM HOME

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