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Summer Bucket List: 100+ Family Activities (List #5)

Even though school has started for us, it is still officially summer. (This year, the first day of Autumn is September 22.) In San Francisco, it feels like we are finally moving away from our cold, cold summer and into the warmth of September. That said, we plan to make our summer last as long as possible by doing as many family activities as we can!

If you haven’t tried writing a collective list as a family activities, I highly recommend it. Just by putting a list together, I think we came up with more ideas, and that inspired us to be more adventurous as a family. I never would have dreamed we would come up with so many fun ideas to try, but this last list brings us to 100+ ( ! ) and I can’t believe how much fun we had and how much we did.

Me and the girls explore Little Tokyo on our LA adventure!
One of the funnest family activities the girls and I did was to take an LA adventure. Here we explore Little Tokyo!

One of the funnest things we did this summer was to take a “girls only” trip to LA (where I’m from!) It was getting so cold in SF (literally drizzling!) that I had to get down to a REAL beach! I was also craving some good Mexican food and some good old fashioned T-shirt weather! I had also told the girls about Little Tokyo, my favorite place to visit as a kid.  I was surprised have ready to go they were and we really had a blast. Even though Hello Kitty’s best friend, My Melody (my fave), was long gone we got mochi, shopped for back to school supplies and even ate sushi in a real Japanese restaurant: no forks, chicken teriyaki or tourists… other than us 🙂

If you have been following along with this series, please post a comment below and tell me what new family activities you tried this summer. Click here to check out all the lists. (Also, you can check out my Summer Bucket List Pinterest Board to see all of the great links I’ve found along the way in one place!)

100+ Things to Do This Summer (List #5)

  1. Make a summer playlist of favorite songs.
  2. Float in a kayak, canoe, or raft
  3. Ride a ferris wheel or roller coaster!
  4. Make a hummingbird feeder.
  5. Plant a butterfly garden.
  6. Invent a new fruit salad recipe.
  7. Have a tea party with friends.
  8. Invent a summer smoothie.
  9. Do something nice for an elderly neighbor.
  10. Draw a self portrait.
  11. Design the perfect playground.
  12. Hold a dance contest.
  13. Have a yard sale.
  14. Do a science experiment.
  15. Make gigantic bubbles.
  16. Draw a masterpiece on the sidewalk with chalk.
  17. Play miniature golf.
  18. Visit a farm or petting zoo.
  19. Build a dream home out of blocks or Legos.
  20. Build a bird house.
  21. Try a new craft like macrame, knitting, weaving.
  22. Go fishing.

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What family activities have you tried this summer? What was on your list?

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