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Just a Little Note to Say THANK YOU!

This is a shout out to all the amazing teachers at Jean Parker Elementary, in San Francisco Unified School District, an across the U.S.A!


Dear Teacher,

The holidays are over and the schedule resumes…

This is just a note to say THANK YOU for all the love and time you devote to all our kids!

I was bowled over this holiday by how much the girls have learned so far this year… They LITERALLY talked my ear off. “Enough!” I said, “Mommy needs some quiet time… please?” Then, I remembered… “Don’t you have some reading… writing… homework to do?”


Your 40 page homework packet was AWESOME, by the way. Not only did it reinforce important math and literacy skills, I never would have gotten anything done over the holidays without it. (And I also really appreciated those cute little ornaments you had the kids make with their picture on them!)

And now that my girls are back at school…

Hallelujah again!

The kids are out of the house, and I am finally able to have a linear thought. (Homeschooling… seriously?!?)

I truly LOVE my girls. Even so, we all need some alone time every once in a while. I know I’ll be begging for more time with my girls when they become teenagers and prefer hang time with their friends (or iPhones!).

But right now, I could really use some uninterrupted time in the bathtub, or time to read a book, or go to the gym, or catch up on old Scandal episodes. OK, HECK!, at the end of a holiday break, I’d be happy if I could sit at a bus stop for 30 minutes staring blankly into space…


But I digress… getting back to YOU!

When I brought my girls back to school this past Monday, they were brimming with excitement. I felt truly blessed.

I know the type of energy it takes to stay engaged in a positive way with my two energetic girls who are always eager to learn, and try new things and share what they know. Not only are you teaching my kids AMAZING things… I am so grateful for your energy, love and enthusiasm each day.

I don’t know how you do it. But you do. Each and every day. With all our kids

And I am so very, very thankful.


Ali Collins

One thought on “Just a Little Note to Say THANK YOU!

  1. My sentiments exactly, Alison! My kid LOVES his teacher, looks forward to school, and likes homework! He didn’t get a packet but I made sure to find some printable stuff for him to do during break. His teacher is amazing and caters to his level and goes above and beyond to make sure he’s learning.

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