It’s time to Push Back! Here’s a Playlist.

Several months ago, I accidentally cussed while trying to avoid a hazard in my car. My daughter who hates cussing, reminded me of the family cussing limit she imposed of only ONE cuss word per day. I explained my transgression was justified because it was an impulse. I saw something dangerous in the road and just reacted. She said, no. It didn’t count. The only justifiable reason to cuss would be if Donald Trump were elected president. ONLY on that condition would I be allowed to have unlimited cussing for a day, and then my limit would be upped to TWO cuss words from there on after.


Talking with my girls as I tucked them in last night, and over cereal this morning, I realize that they, like me are worried. What will happen to those of us who are the MOST vulnerable? What about trans teens in the South? What about poor families across the country who rely on Obamacare to get medical care? What about any Black male and female between the ages of 10 and 60 who comes in contact with a police officer?

Then I remembered… This is bad. But, it’s not anything new.

Those of us who know what it is like to be targeted know this is nothing new. The “rise” of “Trumpism” is in fact very American.

If this election has taught us anything, it has revealed the racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, transphobia, homophobia and rape culture that is so prevalent in our society. It has shown us that “respectability” and making White folks comfortable isn’t getting us anywhere. It has taught us that NOT talking about white supremacy leads to white supremacists becoming president.

It is time to be unapologetically black and feminist. As it turns out, I come from a long line of uppity Black folks. My ancestors have been resisting, persisting, and overcoming this $hit since the beginning of time.

As members of marginalized and oppressed communities, we can take pride in our heritage of resistance. We are here because our mothers, and fathers, and their mothers and fathers pushed back!

And if I was LOUD and PROUD before, you just wait. Now, I’m gonna get even louder.

It’s time to get it together, people! It’s time to join the fight. It’s time to use all the ways we are privileged to stand up for those without a voice. And it’s time to do it together, in solidarity, with LOVE, and with JOY… and with music!


Aside from using my unlimited cussing privileges today… I’ll be rocking this kid-friendly playlist with my girls while I push back on racism and bigotry of all kinds in our schools, communities and country.

I’ll be making sure black girls don’t get pushed out of my daughter’s school. I’ll be ensuring Black culture and Mexican culture and gay culture is not only tolerated, but celebrated in our district. I’ll be speaking up against derogatory language and pushing for Safe and Inclusive task forces comprised of teachers, parents, non-teaching staff and community members in ALL our schools.

We DO NOT HAVE THE LUXURY of wallowing in sadness today. We need to get to work!

How will you be pushing back against all this hate? While you do it, what’s on your playlist?

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One thought on “It’s time to Push Back! Here’s a Playlist.

  1. Such a wonderful post on this day that began with deep sadness, anger and horror. How could this happen? Then, duh. The ugly reality of racism, sexism, greed, aggressive meanness, divisiveness, and government mismanagement became blatantly, obnoxiously, nauseatingly clear. The conditions favoring greed, lies, unkindness, and inhumanity desperately need to change in this country. This new president is a only a symbol of what this country lacks…Honesty, compassion, and wisdom.

    This seemingly devastating situation may have good effects. The question changes from how did this happen to what can we each do every minute everyday to heal suffering and provide conditions for changing for good.

    This post acknowledges and respects all the feelings without criticism for the natural, automatic reactions which allows us to move on to self and community support. Otherwise, guilt and self criticism tends to trap us in denial of the negative unhealthy cycle that we are in. Acceptance of our feelings about this also raises determination and hope filled energy to infuse our efforts with joy and love for the healthy transformation that we need.

    This post is a beautiful sequel to the previous one on Self Care. Self care gives us the resources to support our brothers and sisters, build more nurturing households and communities. Hooray to you and your compassion. Thanks for your post. It made my day.

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