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Celebrating your Inner Chewbacca Mom

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crying laughing

I literally woke up crying laughing this morning. (YES! That emoji is a real thing!)

Being a parent is tough hall at times. Even though it’s one of the most rewarding jobs, we wouldn’t make it if we didn’t take time to have fun and BE SILLY along the way.

Mom Goes Nuts Over Chewbacca Mask

Chewbacca Mom:

This great mom, decided to buy herself the “best birthday gift ever”. I’m thankful she decided to share her fun. I’m dedicating this video to all the moms, dads, and educators out there. I hope you all can celebrate your Inner-Chewbacca today and make this a REALLY Happy Monday… summer’s almost here!

How do you celebrate your “Inner Chewbacca Mom”? What is the best birthday gift you’ve ever given yourself? What silly videos do you have to share?


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