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Inclusive Comics Matter!

This is just a short post… but it just can’t be said enough… Representation Matters!

I am LOVING this video! (Thanks Blavity and Ira Hobbs) I’m going to share it with my kids. I think with the graphic novel craze going on with teens/tweens, this is the perfect video to get students asking about representations. THANK YOU!!!

(BTW: If you didn’t know… BLERDS stands for Black Nerds!)

Racist Comics!

Whether you are into comics or not, I think this is a great video to talk about representation with kids.

I’m showing this video to my kids and asking:

  • What type of representation do you see of people of color in the comics and graphic novels you read?
  • What patterns do you see in the ways different cultural groups are represented? How do they reinforce or push back against stereotypes? (e.g. Black comic characters who say “Jive Turkey”, Asian characters who are “sneaky” etc.)
  • Who does a good job at representing characters of color? What types of characters would you like to see more of?

(For more great content, check out the #S4MBLERDS hashtag on Twitter. Or look for it on YouTube to see more great videos!)

Any BLERDS out there? What do you think? How are you talking to kids about the ways comics and graphic media represent various cultural groups?

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