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Free Printables: Holiday Table Questions

When we are riding in the car or sitting around the table waiting for food to be served, we LOVE asking each other questions. As parents, we spend a lot of time with our kids and it is often easy to take for granted the gift of time we have with them. (Ask any “empty nester” parent how fast time flies and I’m sure you’ll hear an earful!)

If it also easy for us to forget as adults, that our kids crave to know us better as well. Think back to your childhood and you will probably remember what precious moments sitting with a parent or grandparent, hearing them talk about a childhood dream or adventure. Asking family members silly, fun and even heartfelt questions provides a safe structure to start meaningful conversations, get to know one another and ultimately appreciate the precious time we have together… especially at the holidays.

With that said, I have created some free printable “table questions” to print out and share with your family this holiday. If you would like more ideas, click here to read other Q&A games we like to play to get the conversation started.

Holiday Table Questions

Click the heading above for a high quality Pdf of the image below.

Click the title above to download a high-quality Pdf for printing.
Click the title above to download a high-quality Pdf for printing.

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What other holiday-themed questions could you ask during the holidays? How do you get to know one another better over the holidays?

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