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Help Raise Awareness for Suicide Prevention!

Did you know that according to a Telegraph article: “A new report from the World Health Organization has found that suicide is the leading cause of death for girls between the ages of 15 and 19 worldwide — outranking accidents, illnesses and complications from pregnancy (previously thought to be the number one killer of girls in this age group).”
Seriously!!! This is a crazy statistic.
We definitely have to do something about this! Fortunately, there’s an easy way to get involved and support of an amazing teacher at my daughters’ school. She and her family are raising money to raise awareness of suicide prevention and is only $108 away from her goal!
Help this AMAZING teacher raise money for suicide awareness!!

Please read more below and click the link to go to her donation page.


Hi All,

My family and I are fund raising for a worth while organization. And we will be walking for 16-18 miles at the end of June to help bring awareness to the America Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This organization brings awareness to an otherwise hard and ignored topic, suicide. We need your help, if you can, please visit my fund raising page and make a donation, no matter how big or small, every bit helps. >

You never know who might need the help and information. It hit our family around 12 years ago when a dear friend of our daughters took his life. We didn’t know where to turn. I wish I would have know then what I know now. I see children everyday that could be a potential victim and I want to help them by getting the word out. So if you can, please help us.

Peace and much love,
Celia Magtoto

One thought on “Help Raise Awareness for Suicide Prevention!

  1. Thank you Ali for writing about suicide. Yes we need to bring awareness to this issue that is bigger than you think! Talk to people about mental health issues that could lead to suicide, you never know.

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