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My heart is full of Teacher Love! – Jean Parker ES Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week runs from May 7-11 this year (2018!) Be sure to check out all the posts in this series to show the teachers in your life how much you care!

I’m reposting this because it was such a huge success! Click here to see more posts in the “Teacher Love” series!


Students fill out teacher "Thank You" cards at Jean Parker ES
Students fill out teacher “Thank You” cards at Jean Parker ES

My girls and I got to school today and my heart was FILLED with LOVE! In the main office was one of my girls’ classmates, a 3rd grade boy, on his own initiative, writing a thank you card for a teacher at our school! This is the second day we have put out Teacher Thank You cards for students and parents to sign, and if they weren’t free, we’d be selling these things like hotcakes!

Teacher Appreciation Week: We are filling out cards ALL WEEK!

We set up a table in the yard each morning and then in the main office during and after school with cards and pencils so that students and families can fill out your teacher Thank You cards all week! A parent volunteer posted pretty envelopes with the teacher’s names on them as mailboxes. Students and families can fill out as many cards as they like for as many teachers as they wish–the more the better! We want to show every teacher at Jean Parker ES how much we care!

I know our teachers are great… there are SO MANY TEACHERS that are great! And, I’m so happy that our little project (making and printing cards, and “staffing” a table each morning this week) is creating a way for so many students and families to share their appreciation for the wonderful work teachers do each day at our school.




I will be writing many thank you cards for the teachers at our school. Nonetheless, there are no words for me to truly express my gratitude for the time, thoughtfulness, and love you share with my girls and ALL the children and families at our school.

I hope you have a great WEEK! and EVEN BETTER summer (It’s only 4 weeks away!)

For some great ideas on ways to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day! It’s not too late!

Click here and here to print out my FREE Teacher Thank You Printables (shown above), see my previous post on 7 Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week or if you are feeling crafty, visit my Pinterest board!

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What are you doing for Teacher Appreciation Week?

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