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Great Learning Sites for K-3

Great Learning Sites for K-3

Great Learning sites for K-3. The internet has given us a great opportunity to get access to free resources for supplemental learning. I’ve picked out two websites that have helped me teach my children time and to bring additional fun into learning how to read.

Time Monsters

Don’t underestimate the power of monsters to teach your child time.

Go to timemonsters.com to help your child learn how to tell time. Every step of the time telling process is described in detail with animation (and lots of monsters.) Each lesson is followed by a mini quiz. Finally, kids are given a quiz (shown left) where they are asked to set the hands to show specific times which are called out by the “professor.”


Even if your child says he “hates” reading, he will love reading on Starfall.

Here you can find phonics instruction and interactive games that will help your child learn to read. The site is organized from alphabet recognition to learning word sounds to finally reading short books which move when you click the pictures.
This is an especially great resource for a parent of reluctant readers or parents who find it difficult to read to their children because their first language is not English.
Do you have a favorite website for your k-3? Place the URL in the comment section so we can share our favorite learning websites. I also have a ton of resources in Life-long Learning that you can check out!

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