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Generation “Like”

When is a child old enough to go on Facebook? I was surprised to learn that many of my girls third-grade classmates already have an account! What about Twitter… Instagram? How can we help our kids navigate in a new world of social networks where children (knowingly or unknowingly) create and promote their own “personal brand”. These online personas not only help them attract “friends”, they also raise safety concerns and may negatively impact your child’s future professional opportunities.

Generation Like: Uncharted Territory

As parents and educators, it is our obligation to educate our kids about media and the ways it is used to sell ideas and products to them. Children growing up in the age of social media are now venturing out in what is uncharted territory for many of their parents.

Generation Like: Documentary

This documentary, which recently appeared on Frontline really changed the way I view social media and the ways it is being used to market products and ideas to our kids. Check out a preview above. Then, go to the PBS website to watch this video in its entirety or read more about social media, marketing and teens.

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