Do You or Your Friends Really Need More Stuff ? – Talking about Consumerism this Holiday

I’ve been talking with my family about ways to focus on GIVING rather than RECEIVING this holiday. And when I say giving, I don’t mean STUFF that will potentially clutter up someone else’s home. In that vein, I recently came across a funny and useful Flowchart by Callie Enlow titled: Should I Buy This? to help you put things in perspective.

Flowchart: Should I Buy This?

by Callie Enlow

“Is it for you?”


“Do you desperately need it?”


“How do you know it’s an awesome deal.”


(I won’t ruin the rest of it for you. Check out this great flowchart here.)

And if this isn’t enough, check out this great bit by George Carlin. I had seen it before. Nonetheless, it is well worth watching again during this time of hyped up consumerism and the onslaught of advertisements coming our way. It is also a great piece to show your kids, though keep in mind, this is George Carlin. Most of it’s G-rated. That said, there is one cuss word mentioned (s#*!) and in the last few seconds he mentions some “stuff” you might not want to have to explain to your kids.

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Does any of this make sense to you? How are you encouraging your family to avoid the consumerism that often permeates the holiday season?

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