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Following in Bree’s Newsome’s Footsteps…

Thanks to the work of Bree Newsome and countless other civil rights activists, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed a bill to remove the confederate flag from statehouse grounds. Finally!

Following in Brees Newsomes Footsteps: She’s a real American Hero!

Following in Brees Newsomes Footsteps:

Listen to Bree Newsome’s #StayStrong: A Love Song to Freedom Fighters

Parents, be advised, this song is very positive. Nonetheless it does contains the F-bomb. 🙂


Now that we’ve tackled symbols… it’s time to tackle systems!

Bree Newsome reminds us that we don’t have to wait for “leaders” to take action. We become leaders by taking action ourselves. Our actions have a ripple effect which in turn inspires others.

What are we waiting for? It is our time!

Where do you see systems of racial inequality in your community, school, or neighborhood? How do you talk with your kids/students about these systems? What are you doing as a “freedom fighter” in your own community to create equal opportunity for all?

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