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Choosing HOPE

Every morning since the election I’ve woken up at 3am, my brain cycling to figure out how to survive these next four years. As a Black woman, I wonder how to protect myself and my family, my gay and lesbian friends, my Muslim neighbors, and all the other Americans who now have targets on their backs.

Many people have suggested they would leave the country if Trump were elected. This is a tempting idea, to be sure. To fly away from all this madness, maybe to an island paradise and just drink Mai Tais for 4 years straight.

But we know this is a fantasy. There are children involved. My children. Your children. We cannot just run away and leave them the world in the current state it’s in. We all have family and friends who cannot just pick up and get on a plane and “take a break” from it all.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I know we can’t run away from this. We must unite, organize, and resist the fascism that is now threatening to overtake us.

We have to stay and fight. And, believe me, it will be a long and grueling fight. We will have to stay strong and focus on the end game, and dig deep, and roll up our sleeves, and prepare ourselves for the long haul, and venture courageously into the cold, dark night.

And the only way to do this successfully, will be by exercising our ability to have HOPE, despite all the fearful things we see happening around us right now. This hope will not be the whitewashed fantasy the media is trying to sell us. It will not be found in calls to “put down our differences” or “move on”. And, it won’t come by way of a simple safety pin campaign… My hope is grounded in the overwhelming beauty I see in others and the world… It is a hope rooted in our belief in what’s right, and sustained by the knowledge that not matter how dark the night, the dawn always comes.



I don’t know exactly where we are headed. But, we are together. We are family. We are going to take care of one another. I am CHOOSING hope. Because anything else, is not an option.

#hope #choosehope #notmypresident #resistance

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