The More Things Change… or Ferguson and Black History 101

I’ll start out this post by telling you that the #Ferguson story is personal for me. I have family in St. Louis. My grandmother was born in a small farmhouse just minutes away from the Michael Brown shooting. I have cousins who live in the suburbs nearby. For this reason, over the past several days I have watched in horror as the events in Ferguson, Missouri have unfolded.

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What a Trip to the Grocery Store Reveals about White Privilege

The confusion others express about by my perceived racial ambiguity, has proven to be both beneficial and problematic. I get to hear what white people say about blacks when they don’t know black people (in this case ME) are listening… Sometimes they say these things to my face. This experience made me intensely aware of the “privilege” of my skin color.



For the first time I can kind of relate to those crazy Fox News pundits who sound the alarm about the supposed “War of Christmas!!!!”.

Early this morning I found myself searching Twitter (#MLKDay #ThankYouMLK) to see how people are celebrating our great American hero, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. All over the country, folks are tweeting MLK quotes, and sharing ideas about how to carry on Dr. King’s legacy. Unfortunately, there are an almost equal amount of “Yay, no school/work! Thank you MLK!” tweets as well.

My response: sideways unhappy face 🙁

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American Promise or Dream Deferred?

What would happen if you filmed your children’s experiences for 13 years from kindergarten through high school graduation and put it all together to make a film? If you were filmmakers, Joe Brewster and Michèle Stephenson, the result would be a new film called American Promise. This film, which won a Sundance Jury Award, airs nationally on PBS on February 3, 2014.