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Using “Check-ins” to Get the Conversation Started (with Kids)

We do check-ins almost every day on our walk home from school. I give the topic and we all take turns answering. Sometimes we do this to get conversation going at the dinner table. Now, instead of asking “How was your day?” And getting vague answers like : “fine” or “OK”. I end up learning how my kids are REALLY doing. I also learn more about the wonderful people they are… [Read more.]

Family fun

Hidden Gems of Northeastern SF

Our public schools get a lot of bad rap and so does raising a family in the city. Because of that fact, I have decided to share a little love for our neighborhood public schools and let more families know about how wonderfully family-friendly it can be to raise kids in the city. Because I can only speak to my experience, I will share information about family friendly happenings in the North Eastern area of SF: Russian Hill, Nob Hill, North Beach and Chinatown. [Read more…]