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Catching Up on the “Accelerated Algebra” Debate in SFUSD

If you are new to hearing about the “accelerated algebra” (aka: tracking) debate in SFUSD, here are a few articles to catch you up to speed :

Common Core Aligned Math Means Big Changes to SFUSD’s Current Course Sequence

In February of last year (2014) I first posted on the district’s NEW math course sequence aligned with the Common Core State Standards in Math (CCSS-M). SFUSD Commissioner Rachel Norton identified a key question on parents minds, In it, I raised key questions about both rigor and tracking for the new course.

The Pace of Math Doesn’t Add Up for Parents

This SF Chronicle Article outlines some parent’s concerns over the new Math Sequence, specifically around providing supporting high achieving students.

Superintendent Thoughts for the Evening – March 10, 2015, Richard Carranza

Superintendent Carranza speaks to the Board of Ed Curriculum Committee to answer questions, clear up misconceptions and explain why the new sequence addresses serious equity issues in the district.

SF School District Leaders – New Math Standards Do Add Up

Superintendent Carranza and President of the Board of Education Emily Murase share more insight in an SF Chronicle Article outlining key differences in the ways the new algebra course will be structured to answer concerns of proponents for “accelerated algebra”.

There’s a New Way to Learn Algebra

This is another article written by the Superintendent explaining how the new approach to teaching Algebra, is is much more challenging than previous approaches.

Why We Can’t Talk About Honors Programs without Talking About Race

This is my blog post on the implications of race in the “accelerated algebra” debate. (There are a LOT more where those came from… just go to the bottom of the post and see: “related reads”.)

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