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BHM Series #11: Read about Everyday American Civil Rights Heroes

In honor of Black History Month, I’m reposting this previous series. A few years ago, (2015 to be exact!) I challenged myself to write 28 posts highlighting African-American History. This year I finally reached my goal!!! Check out my original post below which appeared on February 16, 2015. To see more posts in this series, click here.

Everyday American Civil Rights Heroes: Kids Books About Regular People Who Dared to Stand Up from A Book Long Enough

It’s important to learn that every day, people make choices to support human rights. Here’s a great list from the blog: A Book Long Enough sharing some great books for kids celebrating everyday American heroes and heroines that supported racial equity.

Here’s what the blog has to say:

You’ve heard of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., Crazy Horse, and Cesar Chavez. Your kids may have, too. They’re certainly people worth knowing about. But what about non-famous, everyday American people who exhibited enormous courage in the face of racism, discrimination, and segregation? And how about fictional characters that give us a bird’s eye view of incredible bravery? Below are non-fiction and fiction titles, for kids of all ages, that teach young people about unknown people who dared to fight for civil rights.

Read more here.

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Who inspires you?  Help me reach my goal of 28 posts and email me or post your great resources in the comments below.

My homework assignment: Inspired by an SNL’s skit, I challenged myself to write 28 posts highlighting African-American culture and heritage (roughly one for each day of the month)… Do you have a great resource to share? Post it in the comments or email me!


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    1. My pleasure! I LOVE it and am so glad I found your blog! Thank you so much for your work in sharing great DIVERSE books!

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