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9 Year Old Girl Shreds Opposition and Challenges Ideas about Girls and Sports

Ready to challenge your ideas about girls and sports? I consider myself pretty progressive. Nonetheless, I have to admit, seeing 9 year old Sam Jordan shred male opponents on her Pee Wee Football team, made me rethink my own preconceptions about girls and sports.

Girls and SportsGirls and Sports:  9 year old Sam Jordan

As his article, Nine-Year-Old Girl Plays Football, Kicks Ass and Maybe Changes the World, Dave Zirin points out, gender segregation in sports may say less about girls/boys physical ability and more about societal expectations of men and women.

“McDonagh and Pappano argue that “coercive sex segregation does not reflect actual sex differences in athletic ability, but instead constructs and enforces a flawed premise that females are inherently athletically inferior to males.”

Read the article and challenge your own ideas about girls and sports by clicking here

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