10 Classic Toys for Your Holiday Gift List

When it comes to getting final gifts for Christmas we are down to the home stretch. In going through my list, I realized some of the best gifts we’ve given over the years don’t talk, flash, or require upgrades–they are classics. Even though they are not as flashy as the latest doll or computerized toy, these toys are often the ones that get played with year after year. It is really cool to think that I enjoyed playing with these toys as a kid, and now my kids can too.

In case you DIDN’T play with them, now is your chance! Here’s my list of our family’s favorite classic toys.

We loved playing with these classic toys, and so do our kids!

10 Classic Toys for your Holiday Gift List

(Clockwise from top left corner.)

  1. Rubik’s Cube (7+ years) – I used to know how to do this… : /
  2. Duncan Yo-Yo (7+ years) – Did you ever learn to “Walk the Dog”? Kids need a certain level of motor skills to have fun with this toy… and a little height
  3. Balsa Wood Airplane (5+ years) – Great stocking stuffers
  4. Silly Putty – Bounce it, mold it, squish it. Just PLEASE don’t get it stuck to the carpet! (5+ years)
  5. Simon (4+ years) – I’m getting the big version for my girls this year. Buy the carabiner versions that fit on your key chain are oh so cute!
  6. Etch-A-Sketch (5+ years) – Can you draw a circle? Now they come in travel size, which makes GREAT gifts before a trip.
  7. Hot Wheels (3+ years) – How many great ramps can you build out of cardboard cereal boxes? Let’s find out!
  8. Paddle Balls (5+ years) – Super fun! Just PLEASE be careful of your sister 🙂
  9. Magic 8 Ball (4+ years) – “Will my parents buy me a puppy?” … “OUTLOOK NOT SO GOOD.”
  10. View Master Slides (3+ years) – Buy these on EBay or at a tourist shop. How many View Master slides can you collect?

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What are your favorite classic toys from your childhood? Which ones will you be getting for your kids this holiday? 

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