This story is not just a story about deaf students in Sub-Saharan Africa, it serves as a metaphor for students in our own country who lack access to quality educational options.

Who would have thought our family would be getting into skateboarding? That I would associate girls and skateboarding? Not me.

This Monday Inspiration comes from Zuri and Stacey Ann who are great at modeling social justice conversations with kids. This mother daughter conversation on their YouTube channel: LivingRoomProtest, they hold a “living room protest” in response to Lila getting told that “girls don’t have muscles.”

The tune of this creative video is so catchy, it’s got me wanting to hit the road on a family road trip.

Being a parent is tough hall at times. Even though it’s one of the most rewarding jobs, we wouldn’t make it if we didn’t take time to have fun and BE SILLY along the way.

Check out Asia Newton! She is just one more example of a Black girl who rocks! She started a business at 5 years old and is not showing other youth how to do the same.

Do you remember the PowerPuff Girls? I just learned about a new website that allows you to turn yourself into a PowerPuff Girl (or… er… boy). And even though this may seem silly, I’m realizing the fact that I (and many other fully grown adults mind you!) have gone silly over a web site that will make you into PowerPuff girl is a great example of why REPRESENTATION MATTERS.