I interviewed my daughter and asked her, “What’s your experience with cussing and ‘inappropriate language’ at your school?” Here’s what she said.

As we weather the highs and lows together, I’ve found myself talking with my daughters about self-care.

These teens are a great reminder of what young people can do if given the opportunity to contribute.

Do you remember the PowerPuff Girls? I just learned about a new website that allows you to turn yourself into a PowerPuff Girl (or… er… boy). And even though this may seem silly, I’m realizing the fact that I (and many other fully grown adults mind you!) have gone silly over a web site that will make you into PowerPuff girl is a great example of why REPRESENTATION MATTERS.

I was shocked to learn that many of my girls third-grade classmates already have Facebook accounts! When are children old enough to go on Facebook? What about Twitter? Instagram? How can we help our kids navigate in this new world of social networks?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to know algebra to help your child succeed in high school. In fact, research by Professor Nancy Hill of Harvard University, shows,that when parents helped teens to do their homework it actually had a negative effect!

For those of you with older kids, I am reposting an article from the blog, “Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice“. This article is by Jerry Brodkey, a teacher in Menlo Park, CA. In it he talks about the benefits of reducing student stress in academic classes. Helping High School Students Deal with […]