I put together a short Snapchat video showcasing one of the best FREE resources I know in our city for informal learning: your local SF Public Library.

Access to quality summer learning shouldn’t depend on a family’s income or a internet access. What we can do to stop the “summer slide” for low-income families.

Is the “maker movement” really new? How makerspaces are just another example of “what’s old is new,”

Having kids write book reviews is a great way to help them improve their writing and thinking about what they read in the process. Here’s how!

Continuing with my FAD Series (Family Activity Days) here are a few of the things we’ve been doing this summer in the Bay Area. And if you’re new to SF or just visiting for the day, remember to bring lots of LAYERS!!!

After taking a break from blogging to deal with life (and some other stuff I’ll be posting about in a later post) I’m finally ready to get back in my blogger seat and get back to posting! I’ve decided to start a series of great learning resources to keep your kids learning over the summer… and […]

If you haven’t tried writing a collective list as a family, I highly recommend it. Just by putting a list together, I think we came up with more ideas, and that inspired us to be more adventurous as a family. I never would have dreamed we would come up with so many fun ideas to try, but this last list brings us to 100+ ( ! ) and I can’t believe how much fun we had and how much we did.