#BlackHistoryMatters! Happy Black History Month!!! By now your child should be sharing some of the some of the wonderful things they are learning about the amazing history and contributions of African Americans to American history and culture. For the first time, I think ever (!) my girls are reporting they are learning about Black scientists […]

This is just a short post… but it just can’t be said enough… Representation Matters! I am LOVING this video! (Thanks Blavity and Ira Hobbs) I’m going to share it with my kids. I think with the graphic novel craze going on with teens/tweens, this is the perfect video to get students asking about representations. THANK YOU!!! […]

Do you remember the PowerPuff Girls? I just learned about a new website that allows you to turn yourself into a PowerPuff Girl (or… er… boy). And even though this may seem silly, I’m realizing the fact that I (and many other fully grown adults mind you!) have gone silly over a web site that will make you into PowerPuff girl is a great example of why REPRESENTATION MATTERS.

This is a very inspiring story I wanted to share. Representation REALLY MATTERS. I’ve posted on this topic before, but it’s really important for all our kids to see themselves as LEAD characters in books.

Watching this video, it becomes apparent just how lacking our media is when it comes to images of powerful women/girls.