Earlier this month Board of Education Commissioners Sanchez and Cook proposed a resolution which would make changes to SFUSD’s interim assessment policy. Most notably it would allow teachers to opt out of district assessments. Unfortunately, parent voices have been absent from the conversation.

Having kids write book reviews is a great way to help them improve their writing and thinking about what they read in the process. Here’s how!

After months of researching elementary schools, going on tours, and basically talking the issue to death with my husband, we finally got it together to submit our application paperwork for a local SFUSD Kindergarten…. Now what?

One of the biggest shifts in the new English Language Arts Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is exposing children to a balance of fiction and non-fiction. Here are three of our family’s favorite kids magazine with explanations of what make them great reads.

I love this video…. Reading is a skill many of us take for granted. And yet, if you think about it–it’s really truly amazing all that needs to happen in the brain for it all to work! It’s a gift we should honor and celebrate.

One of the best things about being a parent or teacher is you get a “do over”. Ever feel guilty that you didn’t read many of the classics? Well now is your chance! Not only do you now have the excuse, nay the obligation, to while away your time reading a good-old-fashioned book, you have the opportunity to share some really great books with a new generation.

We all know that reading is an essential skill that is necessary for any kind of academic success, and the more students read, the more likely they are to be good readers. What are some key tips to ensure that your child will be a ravenous reader? Choice The teachers at my daughters’ school always […]