It’s time to get it together. It’s time to join the fight. It’s time to use all the ways we are privileged to stand up for those without a voice. And it’s time to do it TOGETHER, with LOVE, and with JOY.

10 years after approving AEMP, educators are asking if art and music instruction is really happening in “every school”, for “every student”, “every day”.

Last year, I was dumbfounded to learn students at my daughters’ school were unable to participate in the 2015 SFUSD Music Festival. Based on outstanding questions from a list of concerns I sent in January of LAST YEAR (2015!), I urge you to ask the following questions at your child’s elementary school.

Learn more about Black Violin a unique hip-hop group bringing classical violin to a whole new audience.

This year, I’d like to see more Visual and Performing Arts programs in our schools that celebrate the beauty, vibrance, talent and joy of the black culture. Here’s my short list of great family/school programs.

Many folks still have out-dated ideas of our public schools. Maria Aldaz a proud Mission High School parent, wants you to know why she couldn’t be happier.

Learn how our school is gathering feedback on its enrichment programs using student surveys.