You’re never to young for social justice. I’m sharing these resources with my girls as we prepare to participate in upcoming political actions this week.

I’m gearing up for a week of action: family-friendly MLK teach-ins, marches, parent education and organizing. Being a “good mom” means modeling how to be a good person. That means speaking up for yourself and others. “Your silence will not protect you” — Audre Lorde | Repost: @lgbt_history . . Gearing up for a week […]

I finally understand what has bothered me so much about the misrepresentation of Dr. King’s legacy as one of peace (without the protest, thank you very much!)… Cue Morgan Freeman, stage left!

Many folks who champion the legacy of MLK, only speak of patience, non-violence and peace. So, it makes sense that there are more than a few folks on the “interwebs” complaining about the recent Bay Bridge protest on MLK Day.

In a previous post, I spoke about how not doing anything about racial injustice is almost as impressive as NOT DOING SOMETHING RACIST. Here’s why…

I am beginning to actually dread MLK Day. Why? Because more and more I’m realizing how much we are all inundated with MLK Day “Lite”.

Black History Month: #7 Learn about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with these kid-friendly videos.