Last Tuesday, I was proud to attend the SFUSD Board of Education meeting to show Black families support for the district’s math sequence.

Why we can’t talk about honors without understanding the concept of structural racism and how it plays out in our schools.

I am so excited about math lately! I just learned about some great resources highlighted on the PBS Education site for teachers! Check out the new Math Is AweSum! collection which includes resources from Math at the Core (middle school Common Core State Standards (CCSS) aligned math resources), and Khan Academy (for grade 3-12), and more.

Did you know that STAR testing, (the CA State mandated standardized test) is going the way of the dinosaur? This spring the District will participate in a field testing of a new better assessment system. Read how this assessment is dramatically different from the old STAR test.

According to a recent survey only 58% of Americans know what the Common Core Standards are. How are educators going to sell, let alone communicate, proposed improvements if parents don’t understand the basic premise of what we are talking about?

Next year will be the first year that SFUSD will implement a NEW course sequence aligned with the new Common Core State Standards in Math (CCSS-M). SFUSD Commissioner Rachel Norton identified a key question on parents minds, “Is the rigor students need going to be represented in the new course sequence?” This is a good question. Nonetheless, I believe there is a more important conversation going on.

This is not your momma’s math! If your child is in an elementary school at SFUSD, you are aware that math is not being taught the same as it used to be. If you are like me, you might have expected to see math worksheets come home with the 10-30 of the same type of […]