How should education funding impact our expectations about how public schools prioritize their resources? Dale Scott has some thoughts…

Reading through emails from SFUSD parents on the new math sequence, I’d like to clear up misinformation and reinforce some of the great thinking I’m seeing coming out of this debate.

If you are new to hearing about the “accelerated algebra” (aka: tracking) debate in SFUSD, here are a few articles to catch you up to speed.

This student reinforced for me why we cannot support the “Accelerated Algebra in Middle School” track that some Lowell teachers and parents are proposing.

Why we can’t talk about honors without understanding the concept of structural racism and how it plays out in our schools.

Most parents never learned to do the type of multiplication our kids are doing with Common Core Math. Here’s why it’s OK, and what we can do about it.

I was always one of those folks that said, “I’m not a math person.” Now I realize… I actually am! Math isn’t just about getting the answer quickly or doing calculations, it’s also about thinking critically, being able to problem-solve, and explain your thinking to others… “thinking like a mathematician.”