We need to get serious about challenging our beliefs about math — who is good at it, and how we learn it.

My girls and I decided to do a real world math assignment to figure out just how much sugar was in the “goody bags” they brought home from a school birthday celebration. Here’s what we learned about math and healthy eating along the way.

Did you know there is a parent organization spreading racist narratives about Black and Latino families in our district?

CARE proponents (read: Lowell families) who originally marketed their proposal as “two-track accelerated Algebra” have repackaged their plan using the words “optional pathways” and “choice” to advocate for a reinstatement of tracking in SFUSD.

Last Tuesday, I was proud to attend the SFUSD Board of Education meeting to show Black families support for the district’s math sequence.

Many parents were educated in traditional classrooms. To advocate effectively, we have to educate ourselves so we don’t push for out-dated instruction.

After taking a break from blogging to deal with life (and some other stuff I’ll be posting about in a later post) I’m finally ready to get back in my blogger seat and get back to posting! I’ve decided to start a series of great learning resources to keep your kids learning over the summer… and […]