As the Black students from elite schools across the country testify, it’s STILL hard to be young, gifted and Black in our nation’s elite schools.

Matt Haney, SF School Board president is learning that raising “provocative” questions about racism can be downright dangerous. What is the value of renaming schools?

Despite our accolades for the district’s recent achievements in supporting Black students, we must still acknowledge the work we’ve yet to do. And that includes speaking up!

I am so inspired by our young people–they are truly leading the way! It is not surprising that as Lowell BSU students are fighting for the right to be heard, valued and supported in our school they have sisters on the other side of the country who are doing the same.

It’s time to stop making excuses for the racism in our schools. Here are Lowell BSU student demands and what we can do to support all students in felling welcome and valued in our schools.

If you hadn’t heard, yesterday Lowell students walked out of class to protest ‘racist’ sign at their school: