According to new research on the brain, playing music helps us learn–one of many reasons to fight for high quality music instruction in ALL our schools.

As involved parents, we wrestle with new methods of instruction. We want to help, but may feel at a loss when confronted by new terminology, methodology and new teaching techniques. One of the biggest shifts in the new standards is more emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving. In addition, as our schools move away from tracked classroom, teachers are expected to provide differentiated instruction. What does GOOD differentiated instruction look like when teaching the new Common Core aligned math?

Next year will be the first year that SFUSD will implement a NEW course sequence aligned with the new Common Core State Standards in Math (CCSS-M). SFUSD Commissioner Rachel Norton identified a key question on parents minds, “Is the rigor students need going to be represented in the new course sequence?” This is a good question. Nonetheless, I believe there is a more important conversation going on.

Sometimes you see a video and it really moves you. This one did. As adults, we often forget how much we have learned. We forget how difficult and frustrating it can be as a child to become good at doing seemingly basic things. We read without thinking, calculate sales tax in our heads, tie our […]

This is not your momma’s math! If your child is in an elementary school at SFUSD, you are aware that math is not being taught the same as it used to be. If you are like me, you might have expected to see math worksheets come home with the 10-30 of the same type of […]

What is the appropriate amount of homework? How much time should students be spending to do homework? What kids of tasks are meaningful for student learning? How much should families help?