I am sick and tired of parents who have NO experience with public schools, stereotyping our hard-working, caring and knowledgeable teachers, our active and engaged parents, and our bright and creative students… STOP TRASHING OUR SCHOOLS!

One of San Francisco’s favorite past-times is bashing SFUSD’s School Assignment System. But is a “broken lottery” really to blame for the White Flight from our city’s public schools?

As an experienced educator, I am often struck by how LITTLE most parents know about evaluating a “good school” for their kids.

Many parents unwittingly perpetuate segregation in our schools. Join the SF Families Union to discuss ways parents support integration and equity in our schools.

Some advice and reassurance from veteran parents about the SFUSD wait pool.

This advice for parents on the First Day of Kindergarten.

Baby owls wake up and their mother is gone! A mommy raccoon eases her baby raccoon’s worries about the first day of school. A mommy pig reassures her little one about being away… Use these great books to ease separation anxiety and worries about school.